Custom Naruto Shoes For Air Force 1 White Graffiti Hand Painted Art Sneaker - A061


Name: Custom Naruto Shoes For Air Force 1 White Graffiti Hand Painted Art Sneaker
All handpainted by myself
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*Allow an estimated 5-10 days for production before shipping
*This is a pair of custom air force 1. so please handle them with care (do not scratch and peel at the paint in order to preserve the shoes). I will not repair or replace the items due to poor care.
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#This is custom naruto shoes on Air Force 1White. The theme of the hand painted shoes is Uzumaki Naruto.
Uzumaki Naruto, the male protagonist in the Japanese manga "Naruto" and its derivative works. A ninja from Konoha Hidden Village, a country of fire, the son of the fourth generation of Naruto Naruto and Uzumaki Kushina, the reincarnation of Chakra of Asura, the second son of the Six Paths. When he was born, his parents sacrificed to protect the village and sealed the tailed beast "Nine Tails" in Naruto's body. Naruto, who became an orphan, was discriminated against by the villagers since he was a child, but under the encouragement of the only teacher, Umino Iluka and the third generation of Naruto Sarutobi, he had a dream of becoming Naruto, and everyone recognized his existence. After becoming a ninja, he formed the seventh squad with Haaki Kakashi, Uchiha Sasuke, and Haruno Sakura to perform various tasks.
In order to realize his dream and protect the bonds of his partners, Naruto continued to practice and become stronger. As a disciple of Jiraiya, one of Konoha's "Three Ninjas", he constantly broke through himself and implemented his own forbearance in the process of pursuing his dreams. Get people's approval. In the end, they ended the war with the Ninja Allied Forces, Uchiha Sasuke, and Kyuubi, bringing peace to the ninja world, and realizing their dream of becoming a Naruto (Seventhime Naruto) and a Ninja hero.

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Received the shoes. They are very well made.I saw the shoe on Reddit and it didn't disappoint!
Are the schoe water proof?
By Steve Saturday, 07 November 2020