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How to properly clean Air Force 1

How to properly clean Air Force 1

  • Monday, 10 August 2020
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Custom Air Force 1, can the smell be washed with water?

Can't.Wash with bubble, the strength of glue will be reduced, easy to open glue, and this kind of shoes can not be exposed to the sun, bubble wash is not easy to dry shoes, so cleaning is generally used to wring dry wet cloth wipe.Air Force 1 stinks. You can buy a deodorant capsule and put it in your shoes when you're not wearing it. Or you can choose a deodorant spray to remove the odor.

How to clean Air Force 1?

1. Remove the shoelaces and dust the shoes.

2. with a cloth dipped in water to remove the surface stains.

3. Wipe the stains that are difficult to remove with wet wipes or special detergent for shoes.

4. Use your toothbrush to scratch your shoes with dishwashing liquid.

5. Flush the foam away with a cold shower.

6. Put it in front of the electric fan and blow dry.

What about Air Force 1?

Avoid cleaning insoles when cleaning.If there is an odor, remove the insole and leave it in an air vent to dry, or use shoe deodorant to remove the odor.If the insole is dirty or smelly, rinse the insole under the faucet and gently wipe with a soft brush. Do not use any cleaning aid and leave in a ventilated area to dry.

Choose different cleaners with different materials!

We can choose different cleaners according to different materials, such as woven surface or canvas shoe surface can be cleaned with neutral cleaner, but for air Force 1 this temperament surface can choose foam cleaning fluid, so that will not leave marks on the surface of the shoe!And when cleaning, we can use a soft-bristled toothbrush or a clean towel without losing our vamp.

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