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How to Choose Shoes for Thick Legs

How to Choose Shoes for Thick Legs

  • Wednesday, 26 August 2020
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Everyone should have heard of a lot of clothes matching in life, so you know how to match shoes with thick legs, what kind of shoes should you wear with thick legs, and how should you choose shoes with thick legs? Come and learn with us.

What kind of shoes should I wear for small thick legs

Nowadays, girls are very concerned about their body proportions. If they are not good enough, they will frantically try to make up for it with clothes. Girls with thick calves struggled with how to wear shoes. Wearing nude boots, thick heels, lace-up shoes, and brightly colored shoes can make the overall look thinner. One of the thousands of reasons why people with thick legs wear ankle boots. The tightly buckled ankle boots make the ankle look more delicate. There is a saying that people should look at the shoes first. Starting from the feet, the delicate footwear will make people have the desire to continue to look up. Wearing a long skirt or trousers, as long as a little skin is exposed, it can be sexy and hopeless. Thick-heeled shoes are a kind of wear that makes people feel stable. In addition to being stable, they also have a good visual sense of symmetrical width. As long as you are not particularly strong with bones, you can wear it with good results. Not every skinny leg looks good, and the evenness of the flesh is also very attractive. Lace-up shoes are also very good looking thin shoes. Lace is a kind of gentleness that belongs to women, thin lines wrap around every trace of skin on the instep. If you only have thick legs but beautiful feet, such a pair of shoes can give you a lot of points. Coupled with a little appropriate cover, it is more than a little seductive. When you have a pair of brightly colored shoes, you have caught the attention of many people. The bright colors gleamed in the dress, attracting everyone's attention. It makes you look more beautiful, stop choosing those calm colors, it's time to change your mood. If you have thick legs, you can also use high boots to hide it: so at this time a pair of loose boots is particularly important, hide the muscles and expose the thighs! This can be regarded as an absolute field of wear, the only drawback is that it is afraid of being slightly hot.

How to Choose Shoes for Thick Legs

How to choose shoes for thick legs

1. People with thick legs are not suitable for wearing gorgeous shoes, so it will be easier to attract others' eyes to your legs, especially some fancy thin heels, shoelaces, etc., which are definitely not needed.

2. People with thick legs must be careful not to expose their shortcomings. Instead, they should choose some sports and leisure shoes or flat boots to attract others' eyes to your feet instead of your legs.

3. If the legs are particularly thick, pay attention to the length of the boots. Boots that just expose the thick parts of the legs are absolutely to be avoided. Long boots or ankle boots are the best choice.

4. Tight-fitting boots can actually cause counter-effects for people with thick legs. It is better to choose boots with a slightly loose mouth, so that the knees are consistent up and down, which can make the calves appear slim.

Are thick legs suitable for wearing boots?

Thick legs are suitable for boots, but it is recommended to wear knee boots. If you wear mid-boots or short boots, there may be no way to help you hide your thick legs, and you will not look thin visually. But if you wear knee boots, you can lengthen the line of the legs and make the legs look thinner visually. It is recommended to choose black boots for thick legs. Black boots will look thinner. Grey, camel and other types of boots are recommended to wear thin legs. Black boots over the knees have the best slimming effect. The boots can tightly wrap the legs, making the legs longer. If your legs are thick, it is recommended to choose suede boots when choosing the material of the boots. Leather boots are very reflective and look thinner than suede boots. If your height is not very high and your legs are thick, try to choose high-heeled boots, which seem to increase the length of your legs.

How to Choose Shoes for Thick Legs

What are the shoes for girls with thick legs

1. bare boots

The bare boots with the shaft of the boot just up to the ankle don't appear to be very thick in the calf, and look a little slimmer. Wearing a red coat on the upper body, just to the calf, the whole body matching just modified the thick legs. The boots of the mid-tube style bare boots do not reach the calf, so the upper foot is still relatively thin. Plus a short dress, stretch some of the leg proportions, not only show the legs thin but also show the leg length. The bare boots that just reach the ankle are paired with a pair of nine-point jeans, slightly revealing the slender ankle, and the legs look a bit thinner. This kind of radish leg is more suitable.

2. Over the knee boots

The green coffee-colored over-the-knee boots can just wrap the sturdy calf and look a little slender. The mid-length knit sweater in matching colors just reveals the thighs, which looks sexy and feminine. The gray over-the-knee high-heeled over-the-knee boots hide the thick calf, and the high-heeled design can also look taller, with a short skirt showing the thighs, elegant and sexy. Tight-fitting jeans paired with over-the-knee boots, while modifying the thick calf, it also conveys a sense of hierarchy. With the high-heel design, it looks much taller.

3. Pumps

The wide-leg pants themselves can help you hide your thick legs. When paired with V-shaped pumps, the feet look slim, and at the same time, they can be slightly stretched to make them look taller. Over-the-knee dresses can help you modify your calves, with pointed pumps, narrow the feet, and stretch the proportions of the legs. After all, the legs are thin and tall. Pumps with long skirts just show the skinny ankles, visually giving people a feeling of thin legs. At the same time, the skirt and shoes are of the same color, making them look taller.


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