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How to Choose warm Shoes for the Elderly

How to Choose warm Shoes for the Elderly

  • Tuesday, 25 August 2020
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The question of the elderly in winter is relatively low, so the feet will be colder, so how to buy warm shoes for the elderly? What are the precautions for choosing warm shoes for the elderly? Come and see.

How to choose warm shoes for the elderly

1. Better thermal performance

The warmth of winter shoes is the most important. Its warmth is related to the material of the shoes. Common materials are cotton, silk, wool, dog hair, rex rabbit hair, etc. The warmth effect of different shoe materials is different. .

2. The shoe sole has better anti-slip performance

In winter, the road is icy and the soles are easy to slip. Try to choose shoes with non-slip pattern soles. By increasing the friction between the shoes and the ground, the tension on the legs of the elderly can be reduced. In addition, the heel is recommended to be no more than 3 cm. The closer to the ground, the better the stability, and the less likely to slip. But the flat heel is not suitable either. It can have a heel of about 2 cm to improve the anti-vibration ability of the sole of the elderly and protect the intervertebral discs of the spine.

3. Elastic shoe buckle shoes

Winter warm shoes for the elderly should choose shoes that can adjust weight at any time, such as lace-up or Velcro shoes. Because many old people’s feet will have edema in the afternoon, if the shoes are too tight at this time, the blood circulation of the feet will not be smooth, the heat can not reach the feet effectively, and it may cause toes swelling. Adjustable fat and thin lace can avoid This question.

4. Hard bottom cushion

For the shoes worn by the elderly, do not buy plastic or hard leather. Generally soft leather is more suitable, but the sole should not be too soft. Because the rigid curved sole simulates the flexion of the sole of the foot when walking, it can assist walking, and the rear upper of the shoe with a certain hardness can also resist compression and give the heel more support.

How to Choose warm Shoes for the Elderly

Precautions for choosing warm shoes for the elderly

1. Pay attention to shoe size

Although shoes produced by different manufacturers have the same size, the size and comfort of the shoes may be different, and the size of the feet will change with age. Therefore, buying shoes for the elderly should be based on the actual foot length of the elderly. .

2. Time to buy shoes

There will be mild swelling of the feet in the afternoon, and the swelling will be more obvious in the elderly with poor blood circulation. It is recommended to take the elderly to buy shoes in the afternoon. When trying shoes, it is recommended to stand up and take a few steps to get a feel.

3. Pay attention to the width of the sole

Elderly people should pay attention to avoid squeezing their toes when wearing shoes. Long-term squeezing is bound to cause foot pain. Therefore, the soles of shoes should be wider. It is recommended that the front of the shoe be slightly upturned to keep some space so that the toes are not squeezed.

4. Pay attention to the heel

Many elderly people are used to wearing flat shoes and find them comfortable and stable. In fact, the elderly have poor muscle coordination ability. Wearing flat shoes will increase the stress at the start and easily sprain the ankle.

What to do if velvet shoes shed hair

Plush shoes are a kind of common warm shoes, which contain a lot of fluff, which can keep you warm from the cold. It is a normal phenomenon to add fleece shoes to lose hair and cannot be avoided, but we can reduce the rate of hair loss through some methods. Generally, genuine fleece shoes have relatively little hair loss. In normal use, you only need to pay attention to frequently changing shoes to reduce the hair loss rate.

How to Choose warm Shoes for the Elderly

How to maintain velvet warm shoes

1. Before wearing the newly bought fleece boots, apply a thin layer of shoe polish and put them on after 1 day.

2. Fleece warm shoes must be maintained once a week. If you feel that your maintenance is too hard, you can go to a professional maintenance place for maintenance.

3. Don't wear the same pair of fleece warm shoes for more than 3 days, otherwise it is easy to shed hair. Wearing warm shoes after a day requires breathing and rest to have a longer life.

4. Clean the shoes before storing and adding velvet warm shoes. It is best to dry them in a ventilated place for 1-2 days, so that they will not easily become a breeding ground for bacteria and mites.

5. After putting the shoe polish on the fleece boots, don't forget to put a paper ball into the boots to keep the boots in their best shape.

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