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How to Maintain Yeezy700v3?

How to Maintain Yeezy700v3?

  • Wednesday, 12 August 2020
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1: Do not soak sports shoes in shoe cleaner for a long time. Many friends often put their sports shoes in a shoe cleaner for a long time for convenience and trouble. This will cause more damage to the shoes, so soak the sports shoes in the water for a proper time.

2: In general, avoid washing insoles. The role of insoles in shoes is crucial.

In particular, if the material of the insole of sports shoes changes greatly, it will be very uncomfortable during the exercise. Therefore, when the insole has a peculiar smell, it is recommended to take out the insole and place it in a ventilated place to air dry, or even use shoe deodorizer to remove the peculiar smell. If it is dirty, it is recommended that you rinse the insole under the faucet or wipe it lightly with a soft brush. Do not use any cleaning aids, otherwise the surface fabric may fall off.


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