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How to Remove the Smell of Sports Shoes

How to Remove the Smell of Sports Shoes

  • Wednesday, 26 August 2020
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Sports shoes are the shoes we often wear. Sports shoes need to be blown out or cleaned frequently. So how to remove the smell of sports shoes? Why do sports shoes smell after washing.

How to remove the smell of sports shoes

1. Take it out often to bask in the sun, see the sun more often, and sterilize it.

2. If it gets wet on a rainy day, it is best to dry your shoes.

3. Change socks frequently to prevent bad smells.

4. You can use dry lime powder and put it in your shoes, then the smell will disappear.

5. You can also wipe the shoes with alcohol until the shoes are dry and there is no smell.

How to Remove the Smell of Sports Shoes

Why do sports shoes smell after washing

Sports shoes still smelly after washing because the shoes have not been rinsed clean and have not been exposed to the sun, so the shoes will have a smell.

The solution is as follows:

1. Activated carbon deodorizes shoes: Putting activated carbon into shoes can not only absorb the moisture in the shoes, but also absorb the odor in the shoes.

2. Mothballs deodorize shoes: Sprinkle mothball powder evenly in the shoes and put insoles on them. In this way, the inside of the shoe can be kept dry and the smell of the shoe will disappear.

3, baking soda powder to remove the smell of shoes: Sprinkle it evenly in the shoes, a thin layer is enough, and it will not smell after a day.

4. To remove the smell of shoes with soap: Wrap a piece of soap with paper towel or straw paper (soft and thin) and put it in the shoes. Just use the small soap from the hotel. The effect is very good.

5. Alcohol to remove the smell of shoes: Put cotton in alcohol and put it in sports shoes, and take advantage of the easy volatility of alcohol to take away the odor in sports shoes. After two weeks, the shoes will not smell.

How to clean sports shoes

1. Put the shoes in the basin and soak them in clean water before washing.

2. Washing powder will turn the shoe surface yellow, avoid using it as much as possible.

3. Try to choose soap or laundry detergent with low phosphorus content.

4. Use a soft brush to gently wipe the upper when cleaning.

5. Rinse with clean water after washing, and then dry in the sun.

How to Remove the Smell of Sports Shoes

How to maintain sports shoes

1. Pay attention to washing shoes. If the general sports shoes are white, then some paper towels must be placed on the brushed shoes. The purpose of this is to prevent the white shoes from yellowing.

2. People who exercise regularly, then it is best to prepare a few pairs of sports shoes. If you are running, then you need to wear running sneakers. If you are going to play basketball, you should wear basketball sneakers. Generally, the nets or laces of shoes should be washed with water, and never soak in water.

3. If you don't wear your sports shoes for a short time after washing your sports shoes, then you must clean the sports shoes and dry them thoroughly. Finally, put the shoes in the cabinet. I still remind you that it is best to use Some paper balls are good for wrapping.

4. Sports shoes are very easy to get dirty. If the sports place is not so environmentally friendly, then you need to wash the sports shoes frequently. When we wash the shoes, we must not brush them with great intensity. Be gentle and follow the curve of the shoe. Also when drying, the best toe should be facing down.

5. A lot of leather sports shoes, then this kind of shoes are very easy to wash, and the maintenance is also very simple, mainly wiped with cotton cloth.

6.For mesh sports shoes, it is easy to get dirty things in the net, so when you wash it again, it is best to use an old toothbrush to clean it, and wipe it from the inside to the outside.


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