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How to see the authenticity of Converse shoe box, teach you how to not open glue

How to see the authenticity of Converse shoe box, teach you how to not open glue

  • Thursday, 15 October 2020
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How to see the authenticity of Converse shoebox

The shoe box has shoe size, shoe length, production date, place of production, sales place, etc., which are the same as those on the shoe label. At present, most of the authentic Converses on the market are produced in Vietnam, such as MADE IN VIETNAM on shoe boxes produced in Vietnam.

The CONVERSE shoe box is made of one-piece corrugated paper (the so-called one-piece type: the unpacked shoe box is printed by a piece of paper, and there is no combination of disassembly and assembly). The printing is clear without ghosting, the color is bright, and the paper is thick and hard.

The appearance of the CONVERSE shoe box changes every year. The shoe box of 2004 is black or blue, and the shoe box of 2005 and 2006 is black. The production date is printed inside the shoe box.

There are two stickers on the right side of the shoe box, one with the front and side view of the shoe, and the shoe's name, article number, color and US size; the other with the uniform article number, national price, model, and material , Size (US code, Europe code, China code), computer barcode, sticker can be torn off. The fonts are of high definition, covered with a high-quality reflective thin mold, and the effect is different from ordinary stickers. There is also a sticker with a mark on the bottom of the shoe box.

How to see the authenticity of Converse shoe box, teach you how to not open glue

Teach you how Converse doesn't open glue

Buy special glue for shoes and apply it evenly on the part where the shoes may be glued; then use a hair dryer to blow for 5 minutes, and wait until the glue is a little hot and sticky. Put it on for more than 24 hours. Avoid wearing Converse for strenuous exercise daily, which can extend the life of your shoes. Normally wear Converse canvas shoes to do some leisure and entertainment projects.

Items such as shopping, shopping, walking, traveling, etc. are all fine, and there will be no such phenomenon as Converse opening glue. However, if you wear Converse canvas shoes, Converse board shoes, play basketball, play football, run and do some strenuous exercises, Converse shoes will bear its original mission, which is to lead to the occurrence of bad conditions such as Converse opening glue.

Therefore, if you want to prevent Converse from opening rubber, you must know what the mission of a pair of shoes is, when they should be worn, and when they should not be worn! Maintenance of Converse shoes is actually that simple.


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