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How to wear Pointed Shoes Without Pain

How to wear Pointed Shoes Without Pain

  • Saturday, 22 August 2020
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There are many kinds of shoes on the market, and there are many styles. Pointed-toed shoes are one of the most popular shoes for women. Pointed-toed shoes have a pointed design, which is more feminine, and the legs will be more slender.

What to do with pointed shoes

1. Hair dryer softening method

You can use a hair dryer to blow on the toe, and stop blowing for a few more minutes. After a few times, the toe will become hot and soft, which will alleviate the problem of squeezing the feet.

2. Frozen expansion method

Put a sealed bag filled with water into your shoes and put them in the refrigerator to freeze them. When they are taken out after freezing, the shoes will be looser.

3. Small object isolation method

Put a small sponge or a small piece of foam on the toes to relieve the pain of squeezed toes.

4. Old newspaper wetting method

The squeezing of pointed shoes may be caused by the fact that the pointed inner lining parts of the shoes are too hard, so it can be softened by dipping old newspaper with water. The tip of the shoe will not squeeze your feet.

Steps: Prepare an old newspaper, knead it into a ball, dip it with water, not too wet, but make the whole ball soak in water, and then wrap the wet newspaper with a dry newspaper and stuff it in the place where the feet are squeezed. Then seal the shoes in a plastic bag and leave them overnight.

How to wear Pointed Shoes Without Pain

How to wear pointed shoes without pain

1. Tie the big toe and the second toe together so that the squeezing of the feet can be solved.

2. Use a hair dryer to blow on the toe for a few minutes and stop. The toe will soften after repeated several times, which can alleviate the problem of squeezing the feet.

3. Put wet towels and shoe wedges into the shoes and stretch them to make it easier to wear.

4. Put the water-sealed bag into the shoes, and then put it in the freezer layer of the refrigerator, wait for it to freeze and take it out, the shoes will be looser.

5. Put a small sponge or foam on the toes to relieve the pain of toes being squeezed.

6. Hold the toe of the shoe before putting it on, make it a little looser, and try to choose a soft fabric.

Do you want to buy point-toe shoes in the next size?

Pointed-toed shoes are not the same as ordinary shoes, because their toe is relatively narrow, so when buying any pointed-toed shoes, you must buy half the size, in order to leave a space for your feet. If you don't choose a half size, your feet are constantly pressed inside the shoes, and you won't be able to walk far and feel uncomfortable. It is recommended to try the half size, if the toes can move easily, then it is the right size. (If you choose the right size for pointed high heels and still feel uncomfortable, you may need to choose high heels based on your foot type.

How to wear Pointed Shoes Without Pain

What to do if the pointed shoes are one size bigger

Method 1: sponge method

Stick a soft sponge on the back heel of the shoe, so that the large part can be covered with the sponge without damaging the foot.

Method 2: silk stocking method

Many people will try to put some soft toilet paper on the toe cap, but because it is paper, it will scrape the feet even if it is soft. So it is recommended to use silk stockings instead. The silk stockings are soft and thin, which will fit your feet better. But pay attention to filling the space inside the shoe, it is best to fill it according to the shape of your foot, so that it will be more comfortable.  

Method 3: Full (half) insole method

If the shoes are not only longer but also bigger, you can choose to pad several pairs of insoles on the sole. Now there are full pad and half pad options, and the shape and quantity can be adjusted according to the foot type.

Method 4: Followed by pad method

Nowadays, many shops sell heel pads that can deal with shoe grinding or larger shoe sizes, but experiments have shown that the small pad can't play a big role. Some shoes have a relatively fat heel, and a small sponge pad cannot Filling the entire heel, the heel pad is easy to shift in the end, and it does not play its due role. But in fact, another way is to fold the sturdy silicone forefoot pad into the heel, which not only fills the excess space of the heel but also increases the friction to make the shoes more stable, and the silicone insole is very soft and protects the feet. Oh role.

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