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Insole and Special Materials Cleaning and Protection Methods

Insole and Special Materials Cleaning and Protection Methods

  • Friday, 14 August 2020
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Insole cleaning and protection method

The cleaning of the insole area also focuses on deodorization. Due to the problem of the structure of the sneaker, the cleaning of the front part of the insole is the key point. It may be slightly more difficult to clean without removing the insole.


The insole is suitable for soft brush and general lotion

If the insole cannot be removed, do not forcibly tear it apart. It may not follow the foot in the later stage. The leather insole can also be directly wiped with a wet towel soaked in lotion.

The insole on the cotton surface can be cleaned with a brush, soaked in warm water and then cleaned, which can also deodorize.

Insole and Special Materials Cleaning and Protection Methods

Special materials cleaning and protection method

Suede suede is suitable for soft bristles, it needs cleaning agent to cover all areas, otherwise there will be obvious color difference after drying.

The fur is suitable for a soft brush. After cleaning, it needs to be thoroughly dried in the shade and then use a dry soft brush to brush the surface of the fur in one direction to avoid knotting.

Flyknit (most of the mesh surface) must use a professional soft shoe brush not to damage the mesh surface.

The cleaning of the leather surface is relatively simple. It is recommended to use a shoe cleaning product with leather maintenance function.

The current technology of translucent yarn woven material is difficult to completely clean and restore to a new state. In order not to damage the material, it is recommended to use general detergent and soft brush for simple cleaning.

Canvas and other materials are suitable for cleaning with hard-bristled brushes and general lotion. It is recommended to reduce the intensity of cleaning for dyed canvas to avoid fading.


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