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Making custom shoes

Making custom shoes

  • Wednesday, 14 October 2020
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For beginners, you must practice on paper first. You can draw the pattern you prepared on the paper first, and then draw on the shoes when you are satisfied.

(In this step, you can use some auxiliary tools to improve the production efficiency and the accuracy of the line.) Use the brush to draw the edge of the pattern, and be careful not to misplace it when hooking.

Use waterproof and non-fading paint to paint colors on the pattern. The color can be mixed with a little water to make the shade adjustment. (In this step, the control of moisture is very important to prevent the color from dissolving. Pay attention when painting, and be careful to touch the upper when the color is not dry, causing the picture to be messy.)

According to the different colors painted on the pattern, the effect of overlapping color layers can also be made.

Hook again, and after finishing the coloring, hook out the edges of the pattern again to have a clear pattern.

Pattern shaping treatment.

Put it in a cool place and let it dry naturally or dry with a hair dryer.

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