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Points to note when Cleaning

Points to note when Cleaning

  • Friday, 14 August 2020
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Points to note when crossing the water

Normally, cleaning sneakers does not need to be completely watered and washed. When there are serious stains, you can use warm water to soak and focus on cleaning. The water temperature should not be too high. After water, you need to dry the goods with cold air or dry them in the shade in a ventilated place.

Points to note when Cleaning

Points to note when drying

After the sneakers are cleaned, you can put a towel inside the shoes to absorb moisture. If allowed, avoid exposing them to the sun, which will accelerate the staining and yellowing of the shoes.

In addition to the air-drying after cleaning, after the shoes are worn on rainy days, after returning home, you need to use a soft brush to remove the dirty sand and stone on the upper and then wipe the entire leather surface with a semi-wet towel (especially the suede or suede that is exposed to rain or sewage The splashed area will form rain or water stains on the leather surface for a long time) Finally, let it dry in the shade or blow dry in a ventilated place. After drying, the suede material should be raised in one direction with a soft brush to prevent knotting.

Points to note when Cleaning

Simple repair of wear marks

Some stubborn stains on the midsole and upper of the shoe upper will be mistaken for wear marks. It may be stubborn stains. You can use a cotton swab to moisten the lotion to do some targeted wiping. You can also use a sneaker eraser to try it out. Ways to clean the details.

Obvious wear is recommended to be handled by a professional shop.


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