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What Season are Mules Suitable For

What Season are Mules Suitable For

  • Saturday, 22 August 2020
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The styles of shoes are very diverse. Muller shoes are a kind of shoes that many people like to wear. Muller shoes can easily interpret the romantic French elegant style. They are super easy to wear and come with chic style.

What season are mules suitable for

1. Thick-heeled Mules are suitable for autumn

If you are new to high-heeled shoes, thick-heeled Muller shoes are definitely the first choice. The simple plain design is the most practical. It can also cheat on the long legs and lengthen the perfect curve of the legs. The red and black color of the shoes gives the sexy a bit of cool style. Wearing a white shirt skirt is very fashionable.

2. Flat Mules are suitable for winter wear

As long as the furry flat-bottomed Mules appear on major occasions, they are definitely the most popular fashion item. The best match is a nine-point trousers, which reveals a little heel to make the legs longer. Flat-bottomed Mules are only a thin line between slippers and fashion, and there is no mistake in the key bag and the upper body of the sunglasses.

3. The imposing stiletto Muller shoes are suitable for summer

Carved, diamond-encrusted, bohemian and other elements have jumped onto the Muller shoes. If you are not willing to be low-key, you can choose a pair to make an imposing appearance!

4. Tied out the slender ankle is suitable for spring wear

Since last year, Muller shoes have been infused with straps to make the ankles look more slender. Worrying about the visual body proportion of the straps, match them with a skirt with a short front and a long back, or a high-waisted nine-point pants. Can fully show the beauty of the white, long and thin sisters.

What Season are Mules Suitable For

Are mules easy to wear

Whether it is a fashion show or street shooting, the appearance rate of Muller shoes is extremely high, and there are almost a pair of fashionable elites. The one-step design is not only stylish, but also very convenient to wear. You can step on it when you go out, and it looks great with any clothes. The most beautiful and wearable Muller shoes, if you don’t have a pair by now, you can’t justify it! It’s completely higher than the characteristics of ordinary shoes and slippers, the leather is soft and bright, showing the British straightforwardness. The elastic ribbon and leather stitching body make the whole shoe look very fashionable. Nowadays, Muller shoes are very popular among women. The square toe cap design makes the whole shoe more fashionable and simple. The design of square buckle on the upper can make you not easy to hit the money.

Simple Muller shoes, pointed style and solid color design, with a trace of retro art, just right height, make walking more steadily and freely, spell out individual style, careful and fashionable design. The classic style of Muller shoes, with a pointed toe cap and a 3 cm sexy kitten heel, reveals the femininity and sensuality of women, makes women's feet slender, and the whole person's temperament is also strong. The small square toe sandals and the shape of the Muller shoes with the front bag and the empty back add the charm of women's agility and make walking more steadily and freely. The one-strip design makes the walk light and stable, and enriches the upper.

These elegant and atmospheric women's shoes are very suitable to wear with skirts. The comfortable and intimate pointed toe toe design reveals the heels. It is refreshing and comfortable to wear in summer, adding a sense of fashion, and at the same time, it plays the role of slimming and heightening. . The elegant pointed-toe shoe design, the upper is tied with a bow-knot style, and the British atmosphere is decorated with lattice elements. It is retro and fashionable, coupled with a steady retro thick heel design, which makes walking stable and comfortable.

Muller styles suitable for autumn and winter

In the season of autumn wind, if you have a girlish heart, you must not miss this pair of pink suede plush mules. The pointed toe design modifies the shape of the legs, the delicate suede is elegant and charming, with soft pink fur decoration, it is comfortable and warm to wear, looking exquisite and elegant, and the ladies are well-styled. Who said that Muller shoes must be flat-bottomed? Real fashion fairies must control a variety of styles, and the stiletto version of plush Muller shoes is naturally in the bag. The rough edges of the shoe mouth are gorgeous and warm, and the high heels can show your perfect proportions. The secret of keeping long legs in winter is here! If you are a fashionista who pursues freshness, I believe you will not be unfamiliar with embroidery elements. And when the three elements of plush, metal buckle and hand embroidery are perfectly integrated on a pair of shoes, the most dazzling spark will be collided. Wearing such a pair of Muller shoes, the rate of return will definitely rise! Ding Dong! The plush Muller shoes that are popular in European and American fashion street photography are here. The chic horsebit element makes you more agile and beautiful in the dull winter. Suede body, plush mouth, comfortable and beautiful. Pair it with wide-leg pants or a woolen long skirt, and you can just walk in the street style! There is no more convenient shoe than a kick! The classic retro metal buckle design is a rare all-match product, no matter commuting You still need such a pair of mules for your shoe cabinet. In addition, the integrated sheepskin technology makes the shoes warm and breathable, so you can go out beautifully in winter!

What Season are Mules Suitable For

What are mules

Mules are a kind of shoes that are more popular among women in recent years. Many people may not know them very well. Mules are "mulu" from Sumer, meaning indoor shoes; or Latin The term "mulleus" refers to the purple-red high-soled ceremonial shoes (Calceus) that were only authorized to be worn by the three highest judges in ancient Rome. The original meaning of Muller shoes is a high-heeled shoe that wraps the instep without showing the toes and only showing the heel. With the development and change of the trend time and time again, there are now also open-toed Muller shoes, flat-heeled Muller shoes, pointed-toe Muller shoes and other variants, but the exposed heel is a necessary condition. In the summer of 2016, with the prevalence of retro style, Muller shoes were once again pushed onto the trendy stage, from the runway to the street shooting, almost a pair of people. However, when the retro style meets the minimalist design, Muller shoes dominate the street with a new attitude, or the flat style of leather or satin makes people love it, whether it is paired with wide-leg pants, shorts, dresses, or skirts. very suitable. Whether it is the thickness of the shoelace or the height of the heel, wearing it can always show a handsome, capable and feminine side.


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