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What warm Shoes Should Pregnant Women wear in Winter?

What warm Shoes Should Pregnant Women wear in Winter?

  • Tuesday, 25 August 2020
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Pregnant women buy shoes that are easier to walk and then wear more comfortable shoes. So what kind of warm shoes should pregnant women wear in winter? What should pregnant women pay attention to when buying shoes in winter? Let’s take a look.

What warm shoes should pregnant women wear in winter?

1. Short boots

What kind of shoes should pregnant women buy in winter? Short boots are not only easy to wear, but also versatile, casual and fashionable. It is colder in winter. It is recommended that mothers-to-be choose short boots with fur inside, which will make their feet warmer. In addition, you should choose short boots with a short, thick heel and a good grip to walk more securely and not easy to slip.

2. Snow boots

Snow boots are not only comfortable, but also have a good warmth retention effect. There is no need to untie the shoelaces when putting on and taking off. It is simpler and more convenient to wear. It is very suitable for pregnant women in winter. In addition, the inner space of snow boots shoes is relatively large, even if pregnant women's feet are swollen in the shoes, they can move freely and wear more comfortably.

3. Plush slippers

The method of choosing warm shoes for pregnant women is very simple. Plush slippers are the first choice for winter indoors. However, it is recommended that pregnant women choose plush slippers with all-inclusive heels to avoid cold heels, and these slippers are also more suitable for indoor activities, which is not easy There is a danger of falling due to slipping out of the shoe.

What warm Shoes Should Pregnant Women wear in Winter?

What pregnant women should pay attention to when buying shoes in winter

1. Anti-slip

Anti-slip is the most important point of choosing shoes in winter. It can ensure the safety of pregnant women walking in winter. It is recommended to choose warm shoes with natural rubber soles, which have better anti-slip function.

2. Pay attention to the size

In winter, pregnant women usually wear thick socks on their feet, and they can also be covered with a layer of good warmth. So when choosing shoes, the size should be larger, so that you can wear them even if your feet are swollen.

3. Air permeability

Pregnant women’s feet are particularly prone to sweating in winter. Therefore, warm shoes for pregnant women must have sufficient air permeability to ensure that pregnant women’s feet will not breed too many bacteria due to excessive sweating and protect mothers and children through the entire pregnancy. period.

4. Pay attention to the bow guard

During the whole pregnancy, pregnant women will gain weight and cause the arch of their feet to collapse, so they need shoes to protect the arch.

5. Shockproof

When pregnant women choose warm shoes, pay special attention to whether the shoes have shockproof function. Choosing a pair of shockproof shoes can prevent the normal brain development of the fetus in the abdomen from being affected by the vibration of walking.

What warm Shoes Should Pregnant Women wear in Winter?

What are the types of warm shoes

1. Traditional old cotton shoes

What kinds of warm shoes are there? Old cotton shoes use cotton as the filler, the auxiliary materials are fabrics, and the insoles generally use the original Melaleuca bottom. This kind of warm shoes and footwear are made using traditional and primitive production technology, which has better comfort and rich cultural heritage. The disadvantage is that cotton is easy to compact, easy to be damp, and has poor air permeability, so it is basically eliminated.

2. Silk cotton warm shoes

This kind of warm shoes is made of artificial synthetic materials. Its appearance is very novel and can be shaped into a variety of styles, but its comfort is obviously disadvantaged compared with products made of natural materials.

3. Fur-type warm shoes

What are the types of thermal shoes? Fur thermal shoes are very popular. Most of these shoes use natural wool skin as the main raw material. Among many categories, better shoes will use Australian imported wool skin as the main material. This is also the main reason for the uneven price of wool-skin warm shoes. Fur-type thermal shoes are better than other thermal shoes in terms of material, style, comfort and breathability.

Who is suitable for wearing warm shoes

Professional groups are either sedentary or long-term outdoors, so it is necessary to wear warm shoes. Governments, enterprises and institutions, teachers, students, business people, military police, public security, railways, highways, docks, subways, drivers, postmen, oilfield mining, drilling, mine operations, outdoor tourism and other people who need to keep warm, should wear them in winter Warm shoes.


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