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Conversation with Cloakwork Malaysian Graffiti Artist

Conversation with Cloakwork Malaysian Graffiti Artist

  • Wednesday, 12 August 2020
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Your story with Doodle? What is the meaning of graffiti to you?

I started to notice the graffiti on the streets of Kuala Lumpur when I was in high school, but there are too many types of graffiti. Artists use different media to create. So I started to study graffiti characters and letters. This was ten years ago, when there were not many graffiti artists in Kuala Lumpur. For me, graffiti is very pure. It means to express ideas, styles and stories by drawing colors on the walls and attract the public's attention.

What is the evolution of your style?

I think my style is young, urban, colorful and positive, because there are too many negative emotions surrounding us every day. I hope that when people look at my graffiti, they can feel positive. Atmosphere and cheer for your day. I have tried destructive and dark styles, but Malaysians have a lot of doubts about graffiti itself. I can't remember this exact transition point, but my art expresses my personality very well.

I hope that when people look at my graffiti, they can feel the positive atmosphere and cheer for their day.

What do you think is the biggest change in graffiti culture since 2000?

Over the years, graffiti culture has spread to Malaysia and has been developed. The quality of graffiti works has been continuously improved, which has attracted international attention. Malaysian graffiti artists have also been invited to communicate with artists from all over the world. I have also noticed that some local graffiti artists conduct various experiments to try the plasticity of various media.

What changes has social media brought to graffiti culture?

On the bright side, our works will be recorded forever and spread, and we can appreciate other artists' paintings through the Internet without actually traveling. The bad side is that some graffiti writers are no longer willing to take the risk of creating their work on the street, and find a comfortable place to draw, just to take photos and upload them to Instagram.

In what direction do you think Malaysian graffiti culture will develop in the next few years?

The public will slowly accept it, and the fashion circle will go deeper into this subculture. The younger generation has a new perspective on graffiti. I think it will shift more to urban style and become simple. Recently, I also discovered VR graffiti technology. Artists can create without inhaling harmful substances in spray paint. I think this is a very good invention. Of course, we can't completely rely on technology.


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