Custom Dragon Ball Shoes For Air Force 1 White Graffiti Hand Painted Sneaker - A123


Name: Custom Dragon Ball Shoes For Air Force 1 White Graffiti Hand Painted Sneaker
All handpainted by myself
We can ship to 233 countries and areas. Delivery Method: DHL/EMS or EUB
*Allow an estimated 5-10 days for production before shipping
*This is a pair of custom air force 1. so please handle them with care (do not scratch and peel at the paint in order to preserve the shoes). I will not repair or replace the items due to poor care.
*We Support 4 Payment Methods, Credit Card, Paypal, Alipay, Wechat Pay.
This is custom dragon ball shoes on Air Force 1 White. 
"A long, long time ago, there was an ancient legend. There are seven spheres called dragon balls scattered everywhere in this world. As long as you gather seven dragon balls and read the spell, you can summon the dragon, whatever you wish. The wisher is fulfilled".
Living in the deep mountains, Monkey King is very capable. By chance, he walked out of the mountain with the genius scientist Bulma, and began to devote himself to finding seven dragon balls scattered all over the world.
During this period, I also got acquainted with the lascivious Tortoise Immortal and Oolong, Yamu Tea, whose face was red when I saw a woman, and the arrogant monk Xiaolin. Not only did he experience various adventures and adventures, but also caused a series of events.
Hilarious story. Of course, there are also many evil guys looking for Dragon Ball in order to satisfy their selfish desires, and for this they have launched a series of fierce battles with Wukong and others.
In order to realize the wish, break through, and become stronger, the romantic adventure in the big world around Wukong and his partners begins!

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